How to do Bikini Wax at Home: Best Tips and Advice

Waxing Bikini area at home is far more relaxing and effective than going to the salon. Often when you visit the salon, you are made to wait in the waiting room for your turn to come. It is really frustrating. Because of such problems, many women try waxing at home. DIY bikini wax can save your time as well as money. When you go to the salon for waxing, you have to pay a large sum of money whereas when you do it at home, it is much cheaper. It can also reduce stress and chances of you suffering from any kinds of infections. Here is how you can do it at home.

How to do Bikini Wax

DIY Bikini Wax Tips to Get a Perfect Waxing Every Time:

Choose the best waxing product:

To find out a good product suitable for you, you will have to experiment with a number of products until you find out the right product for you. Sometimes the wax strips are too sticky and at other times the wax may be harden fast. All these can make bikini waxing inefficient. Choose a product that is effective and can remove hairs from all parts properly. The wax you use should be such that even in humid environment it should stick to your hair instead of the skin. For waxing the lower contours, you can get hold of mini sized wax strips.

Always Shower before waxing:

Having a shower before home wax is great. It should be warm and steamy, and exfoliate in a gentle way. After the shower, wax quickly. At this time your skin is supple and the pores of the skin are open. So, the hairs will slide out with as little pain as possible. Remember to make sure that your skin is completely dry before you start waxing. You can apply baby powder on the area you are waxing. This will absorb all the moisture and oil from your skin. As a result, the wax will be able to stick to hair better.

Waxing place is important:

As you know, waxing strips come stuck together. By pulling them apart, you will get two separate strips. Before you sit down to wax, make sure you have chosen the best place for waxing. The wax strip you are not currently using should be kept safe, away from pets and children. If pets like cats and dogs happen to stand on this strip, it will take a long time to remove it and pacify the frightened animal. Also take care not to sit on anything you don’t want the wax strip to get stuck accidentally.

Start doing yoga:

Doing yoga regularly is good for you when you wax at home. It helps you to control yourself when you wax. You will be able to attain difficult poses easily and do the waxing easily and more effectively.

Pain free waxing is possible:

Do not be afraid. Try to be braver. Waxing is not as much painful as bearing a child and giving birth. So, face it calmly.

Start at the Top:

You should be methodical when you wax. You can start from the top and work your way down. Just like painting your toe nails from left to right, waxing forward and back makes it easier to do. This way you will not forget any parts or create an uneven landing strip if you prefer to keep one.

Waxing places may be be unreachable:

Hairs on the pubis can be really unruly. When you wax the front of your pubic area, you will be able to see the direction of hair growth and wax accordingly. But on other places you will not be able to see. While some grow front to back, some may grow back to front, and even side to middle. The best thing to do is to wax the same spot in each of these directions. This will give you the smoothest skin ever. Since only a few hairs grow in weird directions, you will barely feel much pain after the first rip.

Isn’t it time to get smooth waxing?

A soft bit of skin with a wax strip stuck to it is a very bad condition. When you pull at the strip, it refuses to budge and pull your skin instead. So, be very careful when you wax the super soft bits. It is a good idea to pull the skin taut with one hand as you wax with the other hand.

Using an epilator is better:

Most women avoid using epilators. But this is very useful during the summers, when you go to the beach.  Epilator is an electronic devise that has lots of little tweezers in it. When you turn it on and run it over your skin, the tweezers rotate and pluck out the hairs from your skin. This is very handy for removing hairs, especially little hairs, during the beach season. With this in hand, you do not have to wait for the hairs to grow to a waxable state.

Exfoliate and moisturize:

Moisturizing the skin is very important to keep it soft and smooth. Not only should you moisturize your skin after you wax, but you also should moisturize it every day. Exfoliating the skin is also needed. You have to wait for at least 24 hours after you wax to exfoliate the skin. Use a good lotion that is suitable for your skin after your shower.

Chilly weather is coming up:

You don’t have to worry about your bikini waxing throughout the year. Always remember, winter is coming

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