Differences between Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax vs. LA Wax

You may be having a lot of questions regarding bikini wax and Brazilian wax, which you may be too shy to ask. So, here are the answers to some of your questions.

Bikini vs Brazilian vs LA Wax

Standard Bikini Wax:

As you can make out from the name itself, standard bikini wax is for women who want to cleanup outside the lines of the bathing suit or underwear line. The hair here is removed according to your preferences. Sometimes a little hair is taken off the top and a little bit further it on the other sides. If there is a particular pair of underwear or bathing suit you want to wear and you want to remove hair according to that, then you can wear it during your bikini wax and guide your aesthetician according that. However, wax can get very messy. So people usually do not wear their underwear during the waxing session. Instead, they usually prefer to wear complimentary disposable underwear that is provided at each appointment.

The Brazilian Wax – What is it?

This is a style of waxing that was introduced during the mid eighties. Since then it has gained great popularity in the U.S. When you do Brazilian waxing, every bit of hair is removed. You can remove hair on the back, front, sides and everything in between. In Brazilian wax, the area to be waxed is first covered with talcum powder. Then hot oil is poured. Now hair is removed by pressing a strip of cloth over hot oil and ripping this strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth.

There is a popular belief that this method removes hair completely from the skin. But it is not necessary that all hair is removed. Some women prefer to keep a landing strip on top. Landing strip means a thin strip of hair. Some others prefer to keep a small v on the top. If you want to leave a little hair in front, then you should not do waxing that completely removes hair. In that case you will have to inform your aesthetician in advance.

Different beauty therapists may use different techniques. Some may use a strip of cloth as used in regular waxing to rip off hair. Others use just the hot wax, which when cooled, shrinks and wraps the hairs and then pull them from their roots. If there are any stray hairs remaining, they can be removed using tweezers.

When you go for Brazilian waxing, you may have to adopt various positions, which you may find embarrassing. You have to sit in these poses so that the wax can be applied properly and hair removed effectively. If the hair is more than a quarter of an inch, the beautician will have to trim hair to the required length.

Brazilian waxing has a number of benefits. It lasts for 10 days to three weeks, and you also feel clean, shiny and smooth after Brazilian wax.

Along with advantages, it also has one major disadvantage, which is the pain involved. But it gets reduced with subsequent Brazilian waxing.

LA Bikini Wax:

The LA bikini wax is for women who are looking for a style that is between a standard bikini wax and Brazilian wax. You can use this wax when you do not want to remove hair from your back. When you do LA bikini wax, hair is removed from the front and the sides. If you are not sure how much hair you want to get removed, then you can speak with your aesthetician. She can tell you specifically where to apply the wax.

LA bikini wax makes your skin smooth and soft like never before. There are many salons well known for LA bikini wax. They use sugaring paste that is natural, water soluble and absolutely free from any chemicals. This makes it safer for the skin. If you have a sensitive skin, sugaring is better than waxing. When you choose sugaring process for hair removal, there is no tension of burning or damaging your delicate skin. This is because this process does not require any heating. It is applied on your skin at body temperature. Moreover, the sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of hair growth. This makes it less painful. Contrary to waxing, sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells. When the sugar paste is removed, it exfoliates the dead skin cells gently, leaving behind smooth and silky hair.

Whatever bikini wax you do, you should keep one thing in mind. You have to wait till your hair has grown to a length of at least one quarter of an inch. Only then you should wax. This will allow the wax to get a good grip on the hairs and pull them out effectively. Another thing to remember is that every place has its own concept of how much hair stays and how much hair is removed during a bikini wax. So, if it is your first spa or if a new technician is applying it for you, make sure that you ask what their plan is before they start. Remember: your aesthetician is a professional. She will not mind you asking questions and clearing your doubts. After all, their main objective is that you leave the spa satisfied with the service they have rendered.

Now that you have seen various types of bikini wax, choose the waxing method that suits you the best and flaunt your soft and silky skin when you wear your bikini next time.

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