How to do a Brazilian Wax at Home: Step by Step Instructions

Many women do Brazilian wax to look sexy and sensual. If you are embarrassed to do it in the salon by a professional, you can do it at home also. However, it is a little painful and complicated as the skin here is very delicate.

Brazilian Wax at Home

If you are ready to try Brazilian waxing at home, you will soon see that it is not such a difficult task after all, and is a good alternative to going to a beauty salon. All you have to do is to make sure that you do it the right way and be very careful. Below are given some tips that you should follow when you do Brazilian waxing.

Tips to Remember Before a brazilian wax:

  1. Remember not to wax while you have periods. This is because during this time it will be more painful.
  2. If you are very sensitive to pain, and feel the pain intensely, then you should take a pain killer before you wax. You can take Tylenol or advil.

How to do a Brazilian Wax Step by Step:

Step 1:

Before you do Brazilian waxing, you should stop shaving for at least two weeks. Exfoliate the area gently two days before the removal of hair s that the dead skin cells are removed. This also helps in preventing bumps.

Step 2:

You get cotton strips with the Brazilian wax kit. Prepare these strips before you wax. These strips should be small and you should trim them. By waxing smaller parts of the pubic area, the pain you feel is also lesser.

Step 3:

Take warm water shower and wash and clean the pubic area well using a mild soap. Remember not to apply any lotions, creams or oils on the area you wax. Warm water shower helps in opening the follicles, so that the hairs slide out easily.

Step 4:

If your pubic hair is too long, then you will have to trim the hairs, so that the wax sticks properly to these hairs and remove them effectively. You should aim for round ¼ inch of growth. If the hair is too short, then also wax won’t be able to grab the hairs and pull them from the roots. If the hairs are too long, you will suffer from, more pain.

Step 5:

After washing and drying, apply some baby powder on the area you are going to wax. This helps in absorbing the excess moisture and oil that may be on the skin, and allows the wax to stick better to the hair. As a result, hair gets removed easily.

Step 6:

Heat the wax as directed on the packet. You can use a wax warmer or a microwave oven to heat the wax. Allow the wax to cool for a minute.

Step 7:

Before you start applying the wax, place a mirror between your legs. This will allow you to see the entire area that you wish to wax, so that you can do it properly.

Step 8:

You will get a wooden stick also when you buy the Brazilian wax kit. Dip this wooden stick into the wax and then apply a thin layer of wax on a small area on your pubic region. The area covered with wax should be slightly smaller than the cloth strip that you have prepared. Make sure that you apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and not the opposite direction. First you have to wax the most accessible parts of pubic region and then slowly work toward the anus.

Make sure that you apply the right amount of wax. If you apply wax too thick, it will be more painful when you remove it.

Step 9:

As soon as you have applied the wax, put a strip of cloth over the wax and smooth it down in the direction of hair growth.

Step 10:

Once you have completes applying the wax and put the strip of cloth over it, you have to let the wax cool down. Then stretch your skin taut with one of your hands and then rip off the strip by picking up the edge of the strip with the other hand. Make sure that you pull it in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth. It is important that you do it with a rapid and fluid motion. It can be a little painful, but it is not that terrible as you think.

You can repeat the step until you have got rid of all pubic hairs, or till you have succeeded in getting the results that you have desired.

If the area becomes red or painful, you can wait for some time, till the redness and pain are gone. Then you can continue the process of waxing.

Step 11:

After you have removed hair by waxing, some hairs may still remain unremoved. You can remove these hairs by using tweezers. Pluck the hairs with the help of tweezers.

Step 12:

You can wipe off the residue wax gently by using a appropriate after waxing oil. Next you can soothe your skin by applying a soothing lotion or a cream containing salicylic acid. This helps in preventing bumps and subcutaneous hairs.

Additional tip:

Two days after you have removed the hairs, you can use a gentle scrub and exfoliate the area you have waxed. This is very effective for reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. Continue to exfoliate every two or three days.

So, follow the instructions given above when you do Brazilian waxing at home. This way you will get perfectly clean and smooth pubic area that you have always wished for.

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