Chocolate Wax: How to do at Home, Tips and Benefits

Most women are under the misconception that chocolate waxing is an exorbitant affair and you can do it only in a luxury spa. Although it is true that it is exorbitant, the conception that you get it only in luxury spas is not correct. If is often difficult to find out a salon or beauty parlour that can offer you this facility especially, if you are living in the two tier cities of India. But women who want to remove hair without pain can still do it. If your local parlour does not do chocolate waxing for its customers, you can do it in the comforts of your home. Follow these tips carefully and you can do waxing yourself at home with this special kind of wax easily.

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate Waxing at Home Tips to Follow:

  • Chocolate waxing is not very much different from the other kinds of waxing that you do at home. It too has more or less the same procedure as other waxing techniques. But there are certain specific features that are specific to chocolate waxing. You have to keep these points in your mind when you go for this type of waxing.
  • When you do chocolate waxing, you will have to keep your skin dry and grease-proof. If you have applied a moisturizer a few hours before, you shopped wash it off or wipe it off with cold sponge and soap. You can apply talcum powder on the area you are waxing, just as you do in the case of normal waxing.
  • Some brands of chocolate wax come with pre-wax gel. You can apply this gel on your skin before you start to wax.
  • It is also important that you do patch test by applying it on a small area of your skin before you apply it on the rest of your body. People rarely have unfavourable reactions to it. This is because chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • However, it is not that chocolate cannot be allergic to some people. But it is very rare. It is recommended that you should do a patch test every time you use a new product for hair removal. This is because the product contains a lot of other ingredients in it in addition to chocolate and wax, which can prove allergic for the skin.
  • After you have done the patch test and found out that you are not allergic to the product, you can apply it on the rest of your body without any worry. When you apply the wax, make sure that you do so in the same direction as the hair growth, just as you do in case of applying normal wax on your body at home. You should never forget this, as it is important for an even and complete removal of body hair for women.
  • When you apply chocolate wax on your body, you will not feel it as hot as the normal wax does on your skin. This is because only normal wax needs to be scalding hot to be effective and give you the best results. Chocolate wax need not be so hot. Make sure that you do not overheat this wax thinking that unless it is burning hot, it will not work properly for you. By overheating chocolate wax, all its essential benefits may get lost. So, follow the directions given on the pack and do accordingly.
  • Another important point that you have to keep in mind is that this wax is excellent for removing hairs from its roots and in growth from the roots. So, be economical with this wax. All you have to do is to just apply a thick layer of wax as you do in case of normal waxing. Do not apply excess of this wax. This is because if you dab it in excess, it can even peel off your skin.
  • There are many brands in the market that make these products for home use. Gigi’s Milk Chocolate Crème Wax is one of the best products that you can try. It is very popular and you get them in various flavours like dark chocolate, hazelnut, banana, orange and so on.

How to Make Chocolate Wax at home?

Other than buying chocolate wax kit from the store, you can also make it at home.

To make chocolate wax recipe at home, you need the following:

Ingredients list:

  • Cocoa bean
  • Glycerine
  • minerals
  • sunflower
  • Seeds

Preparation Method:

You have to take chocolate in a bowl and melt it with cocoa bean to make a gel. Now you can add glycerine and other ingredients to it and create a wax. Using chocolate wax is not only good for getting rid of body hairs, but it also keeps your skin smooth and radiant, and removes all dead skin cells that collect on the surface of your skin.

Chocolate Wax Benefits:

  • It contains various ingredients like cocoa beans, soya bean oils, almond oil, glycerine, sunflower oils, vitamins and minerals, which are good for the skin.
  • It has a rich and delicious aroma, which helps in making you feel relaxed, increasing the ‘feel-good factor’.
  • After using this for hair removal, no redness or rashes are experienced.
  • After you apply this wax on your skin, it does not feel hot as other waxes do.
  • You will get a glowing and radiant skin by using chocolate wax.
  • According to experts, this wax has the ability to reduce or retard the growth of hair for a longer period when compared to normal wax.
  • It is also good for clearing hair in-growth.
  • Even the tiniest hair can be removed with this wax.
  • It also takes proper care of your skin along with getting rid of unwanted hair. The number of times you wax is reduced. So, it is not costly as you may think in the long run.

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