How to Get the Best Eyebrow Waxing Done at Home or Salon

Tweezing is a good way to shape up your eyebrows. But you cannot do it every day for perfectly sculptured eyebrows. In such cases, eyebrow waxing is one of the best ways to get perfect eyebrows. It is long lasting also. The shape you get with waxing can last up to six weeks. You can wax your eyebrows at home and also go to the salon and get it waxed with professionals.

Best Eyebrow Waxing

At-home waxing:

When you do eyebrow waxing at home, you should be very careful. There are some expert tips from Janet Chao, a certified aesthetician, on how to sculpt your eyebrows the best way at home. She recommends using Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips for shaping eyebrows. They are small in size and therefore perfect for shaping the arches and removing the tiny hairs.

Before you start waxing your eyebrows, you should make sure that the hairs on your brows are at least 1/8 inch long. This is because it should have the correct length for the wax to get enough grip. You can start with the bottom of the brow and press the strips in the direction of the hair growth. Once you have pressed them, you can pull these strips off in the direction opposite the hair growth. When you pull the strip, make sure that you pull it in one quick movement. Make it fast, as the faster it is removed, the better the results you get. Never peel off or pull off slowly. After you have finished waxing, the skin on that area will be tender. So, you have to soothe your skin. Parissa’s strip package contains auzulene oil, which helps in cleaning the area and reducing the stinging sensation.

You need not worry about not getting perfect eyebrows. If you need a guide, you can try drawing your eyebrows in with eyeliner first and then wax the stray hairs around these lines as well as hairs outside these lines.

Salon waxing:

If you are opting for salon waxing, the first thing you have to do is the consultation. Discuss with your aesthetician and decide what shape you need – whether you want a pronounced arch or a straight arch, full or thinner eyebrows etc. If you have slightly bushy eyebrows, they may trim your eyebrow hairs with scissors before waxing your eyebrows.

Next the eyebrow technician will cleanse the skin along the eyebrow area. Then they apply a powder. This prevents the wax from clinging to the sensitive skin. Then she will apply the wax cleanser. This helps in removing any residue. After that the aloe solution is applied to soothe the skin.

How to Wax your Eyebrows at Home:

Waxing your eyebrows at home can be a little intimidating at first. With practice you will be able to do better.

Waxing your eyebrows with paraffin wax:

  • You will need microwavable grooming wax, tweezers, makeup brush or Popsicle stick, a brow comb or brush, brow shading powder or pencil, a pair of small scissors, and strips of cotton fabric.
  • First you have to rinse your face with warm water. This will help in opening the hair follicle. This way waxing is made less painful. Next you have to prepare the upper region of one brow. You have to wax only one brow at a time. This way you can concentrate on what you are doing. Make sure no wax gets into your eyes. If you feel difficulty in doing it yourself, then you can take the help of your friend for waxing your eyebrows at home.
  • Microwave the container of wax for about 10 to 15 seconds if the jar contains less than half of wax. Make sure that it does not boil. Stir well so that it is heated evenly. It should have the consistency of honey.
  • Now cool the hot wax so that it is warm, and glide the warm wax quickly but carefully over the hair that is to be removed. Then you can put a strip of cotton cloth over the wax and press it firmly and rub it in the direction og hair growth. Leave it for a few seconds and then pull it off in a quick motion.
  • Now you have to brush your eyebrow hair upwards using the comb side and then trim the excess and long hairs. Cut the hairs straight across with the scissors.
  • Repeat the same process under your brows also. You are working with a small area. So, when you apply wax, make sure that you do not put it on the area that is already waxed. If you do so, you can dab a little of baby oil on it to remove it.
  • Make sure that you apply vitamin E lotion or any other moisturizing product on the areas you have waxed. Never skip this step because it helps in reducing the puffiness and redness on the area within a couple of minutes. After applying it, wait for a few minutes and then wipe it off.
  • Now repeat the process on the other eyebrow also. Take time and do it properly so that it matches perfectly with the first eyebrow. If not, you will have two eyebrows with different shapes. Once you finish, remember to put soothing lotion on the areas waxed.
  • Now you can shade both of your eyebrows lightly. You can use a brow pencil or a powder for this purpose. As you know, no one’s brows are perfect, even after waxing. So, shading the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or powder helps in making your eyebrows look symmetrical and perfect.

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