How to Get Perfect Eyebrows: Different Methods Explained

Perfect eyebrow shape is important for a perfectly beautiful face. Perfect eyebrows are among the biggest things happening in beauty now. An example of perfect eyebrows is found in Cara Delevingne, a model.

Even if you have the most beautiful and perfect eyebrows, it is important that you maintain them occasionally. There are different ways to maintain the perfect shape of your eyebrows, like threading, tweezing, waxing and so on. Here we will look into different methods to get perfect eyebrows, so that you can find out which will help you get the best results.

Perfect Eyebrows Shape


The pros:

You can surely go to a waxing saloon and opt for a tweezing appointment, which is cost-effective and faster. Tweezing is an excellent way to shape your eyebrows and remove the unwanted hairs from your eyebrow. It can be done on your also, once you practice it for few times. According to Beverly Hills brow guru Anastasia Soare, who is the person behind the perfect arches of Hailee Seinfeld and Selena Gomez, tweezing offers major precision. ‘You can pencil your eyebrows in their desired shape and then tweeze around that, using it as a guideline’, is what she says. By plucking in between and around the brows, you are allowing your hair to grow for more imperfect, Cara-like finish.

The cons:

If you tweeze incorrectly, it is not like a bad haircut, as said by Anastasia. Sometimes the eyebrows may never grow back. So, be conservative and never use a magnifying mirror when tweezing your eyebrows. This can make you over-tweeze.


The pros:

Threading allows you to get the desired shape perfectly and is great for allowing a detailed definition of the brow shape, as said by Tiffany Reicosky of New York beauty destination, Browhaus. According to her opinion, it gives a more natural finish to your eyebrows, because you are working with individual hairs. Threading also allows technicians to move with more speed compared to tweezing. If you prefer to give an arch to your eyebrows or make them grow a little wild, threading is the fastest way to get the desired results.

The cons:

Threading can give an undone effect as tweezing does. But it is done with high speed. This can lead to the reckless removal of hairs. Reicosky uses a thread-and-tweeze technique. Here threading is done on the natural eyebrow line and tweezing is done to remove any stray hairs that are seen after threading. So, before you go to the salon for shaping your eyebrows, make sure that you call in advance and ask about their practice.


The pros:

According to Natalia Romanenko of New York’s Strip Ministry of Waxing, waxing is a hair removal technique that has the longest period in between re-growth. If your hair is thicker and coarser, and grows back quickly, the best way to remove the unwanted hairs and shape your eyebrows is through waxing. Waxing also allows thinner and softer re-growth.

The cons:

One of the most common complaints heard about waxing the eyebrows is that it forms a red halo around the area waxed. Waxing tugs and pulls the hairs. So, if you have a very sensitive skin, you should try some other means to get rid of the unwanted hairs from your eyebrows. You try applying Kristie Streicher’s Afore Oil a couple of hours before you wax your eyebrows. This helps in reducing the inflammation. Another negative point of waxing is that it can leave sharp, clean lines, which can make your brows look very defined.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows?

  1. First of all check your eyebrows. Full eyebrows are beautiful and exotic. If you do not have the desired thickness in your eyebrows, then you can use make up to give depth and fill in the gaps.
  2. You have to visualize your eyebrows before you start shaping your eyebrows. The front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of the nose.
  3. You have to fill your brows before you start to pluck. This way you will not overdo your plucking. The arch should be three-quarters of the way back from the nose bridge. From here the tail should taper off and follow the angle of your eye. You can use an eyebrow pencil for creating the desired shape.
  4. Once you have drawn the desired shape, brush the eyebrow hairs upward to lift and give it volume. Do this with the help of a spoolie brush.
  5. After filing your eyebrows and brushing, you have to tweeze stray hairs. You can use slant-tipped tweezers for removing unwanted hairs. You should be very careful as you tweeze of the hairs. If you tweeze the brow hairs accidentally, it can bring down your brows instead of lifting it up.
  6. The bottom area of the brow is most important to fill, to see what was missing.
  7. In the area between the front-end and the inner arch you can add pigment, using the eyebrow pencil.
  8. If you have excess hair, you can trim your eyebrows. Otherwise there is no need to trim eyebrows. Feathery eyebrows are full and beautiful. It can become harsher if you trim them. You can find out whether you need to trim or not by brushing your eyebrow upward using a spoolie brush. If there are any longer hairs, you can trim them.
  9. After you pluck and trim, the makeup you created with the eyebrow pencil may have faded a little. So, you can fill in again where needed. Then you can do the other eyebrow also in the same way.

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