Leg Waxing: How to Wax your Legs at Home Without Pain

We like to have smooth and soft looking legs so that we can flaunt those wearing short dresses. Waxing is the easiest way to get long lasting smooth legs. But the expense that occurs when we visit the salon makes us refrain from it. So, here we will see how to wax just like a pro. You may not be able to do it as efficiently and easily as the professionals, but by taking extra time and effort, you can get smooth legs without spending much on it.

Leg Waxing

Waxing Legs for the First time:

Time required for leg wax is about one hour. Here is how you can do it:

Buy waxing kit:

Compare the prices of the kits and buy one that is most suitable for you.

Right Leg Waxing hair length:

Hair should be at least ¼ inch long. This allows the wax to get a good grasp, so that it can pull out the hairs properly. Having too long hairs is also not good. If the length of the hair that you wax is longer than ½ inch, you will have to trim these hairs by using hair clippers with guard. You cannot use scissors for trimming because then you may trim some hairs too short.

Before waxing your legs:

You have to clean your legs and remove any dirt and excess oil on your legs by using a pre-wax cleanser. If you do not have the pre-wax cleanser, then you can take a quick shower and clean your legs with warm water, but not hot water. Then apply waxing powder lightly on the area you are going to wax. Do not apply too much of powder because it is not good.

Waxing direction is important:

Now you are ready to apply the wax. Apply it evenly in the direction of hair growth. You can use an applicator for this purpose. Hold it at an angle of 45 degree to a large area of hair. Put enough wax to cover the hairs, but it should not be too thick that it becomes hard to remove.

Use Cover strips:

Once you have completed applying wax, you can put on the strip over the wax. Cover with strip. Apply the strip in the direction of the growth. Leave little of the strip at the end not attached to hair. If the hair is growing from left to right, you have to leave the leftover on the right end. This leftover strip that is not attached to hair is used as a tab to remove the strip. After that you have to pressed the strip firmly and smoothen it it with your hand in the direction of hair growth for a couple of times. This makes sure that the wax sticks to the hairs.

Waxing off:

After pressing the strip and waiting for a couple of minutes, pull off the strip by grasping the tab. Make sure that you hold your skin taut when you pull out the strip. Do this with one hand and remove the strip with the other hand, in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Remove it in one quick pull, all the way to the other end. Remember not to pull strip up. Keep the strip close to the skin as possible as you pull it out. After removing the strip, press your hand on the skin. This helps in relieving some of the pain that you experience after the removal of hair. If a little of the wax is remaining with hair attached to it, you can put the strip on the skin again and pull it off.

Repeat Process:

Repeat the same procedure through the other parts of your leg, till all hair is removed from your leg.

Use Hair Removal Tweezers:

Use tweezers to remove or clean up any hairs that are not removed by waxing.

Get Wax Off Skin which is leftover:

If any residue of wax is left on your skin, remove it using a wax remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly.

After Wax Lotion Soothes skin:

Now you can apply an after-wax lotion like aloe vera on the area you have waxed, to soothe your skin.

You have successfully waxed your legs!

Leg Waxing Tips to Remember:

  1. Wax at the right time: Make sure that you are not in a hurry when you wax your legs. It takes time and you have to be careful when waxing. If you are in tension or stressed over, then also you should not wax. Make sure that the environment you wax in is warm. This allows the follicles to relax and makes it easier for the hair to slide out.
  2. Choose the right wax. Cream wax is best for removing hairs ranging from fine to medium, and also for sensitive skin. Using cold waxing strips make it easier and less messy. But cold wax does not grasp onto the hair as well as the hot wax does.
  3. Before you apply the wax on your legs, take a little amount of the wax and apply it on your hand to test whether the wax is of the right temperature. Make sure that the wax is warm but not hot.
  4. If you have varicose veins or phlebitis, it is better that you do not wax your legs.
  5. If you want to reduce the pain during waxing, you can take an aspirin or ibuprofen about 30 to 45 minutes before waxing, and also apply numbing spray on the area you are going to wax. This will save you from the pain during waxing.
  6. Before waxing, make sure the way hair grows on various areas of the legs. This is because it can change direction at places. You have to apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove it in the direction opposite to hair growth, to remove hair from its root and to avoid breakage.

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