How to Make & Use Sugar Honey Hair Removal Wax

Honey and sugar hair removal wax is also referred to as body sugaring, and it is very effective for removing the hairs on your body. It is also an inexpensive way to remove the unwanted hairs from your body. It is an ecologically friendly hair remover and you can make it in your own kitchen. Body sugaring is safe and will not expose your skin to harmful chemicals that can be there in products like petroleum-based hair removers, or to the dangers of using razor. Body sugaring can remove hairs for six to eight weeks. The hair that grows back will be less coarse than your original hair and also finer.

Hair Removal Wax

How to Make and Use Body Sugaring Recipe:

Things you need:

  • 1 cup granulated white sugar
  • ¼ cup honey
  • Soft towel
  • Enamel or glass saucepan or microwave-safe bowl
  • Popsicle stick
  • Airtight container

Preparation and Application Steps:

Step 1:

Cut a piece of cotton fabric or an old, clean sheet into strips of 1 to 1 ¼ inch wide. Keep the strips aside and then prepare the sugar and honey solution.

Step 2:

Place a cup of granulated white sugar and ¼ cup of honey in an enamel or glass saucepan. Cut a fresh lemon in to half and squeeze the juice into the mixture. Stir all the ingredients well.

Step 3:

Place the saucepan on a medium flame and boil the mixture, stirring it constantly. You may also place the mixture in a microwave oven and heat for two to three minutes. Then you have to remove the mixture from heat and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Step 4:

Wash your skin where you are going to wax and then pat the skin with a towel that is soft in texture. Now use a Popsicle stick or a spatula and spread the sugar honey mixture evenly and in a thin layer on the skin. Make sure that you apply it in the direction of hair growth.

Step 5:

Now place a strip of cotton over the wax and smooth it with your fingers. Repeat it two or three times. You have to rub it in the direction of the hair growth.

Step 6:

Now you have to allow the mixture to cool down and harden. Once the wax is hard, hold the skin taut with one hand and then pull the strip quickly in the direction that is opposite to the direction of hair growth. You can repeat if needed.

Step 7:

If the sugar honey is left, then you can store this mixture in a clean and airtight container. When you want to use it, place the container in hot water and arm it. Then apply on the area where you want to remove hair.

Homemade lemon-honey-sugar wax to remove hair:

Ingredients list:

  • ¼ cup of honey
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • Juice taken from ½ a lemon
  • Old fabric strips – you can take T-shirts, ancient tea towels or old bath towels for this purpose

Preparation and Application Process:

  1. Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Microwave the mixture for a minute, with twenty second intervals in between. Stir well at each break. Do not boil the mixture. Boiling can burn the mixture and it will get an awful smell. It can also burn your skin.
  2. Take the bowl out from the microwave oven and let the mixture cool down to a temperature such that when you can touch it without hurting your fingers. About 15 to 20 minutes of cooling can make it reach to this temperature. The texture of the mixture should be like thick honey or thin home-wax kits. If you think that the wax you have made is too runny, then you can a tablespoon of sugar to it and heat the mixture for about 20 seconds.
  3. Once the wax is ready and you have cut the fabric to stripes of the right size, you can apply the wax on your skin. You can use Popsicle sticks for applying the wax. Even the back of the spoon can be used for applying wax. Make sure that you apply the wax in the direction f hair growth. Once you have finished applying the wax, you can put a fabric strip on the wax. Press it with your fingers and smooth it in the direction of hair growth. Now pull your skin taut and pull your the strip in a sudden motion. You should pull out the strip in the direction opposite to the growth of hair.
  4. If there is any wax left over, you can use it again the next time. Store it in an airtight container. When you need it, all you have to do is to heat the container by putting it in hot water. This will meld the wax and make it warm enough.

Cleaning Wax is Easy:

Since this is a wax that do not contain any actual wax in it, cleaning up is also very easy. You just need some hot water for cleaning. You can wash your strips in hot water and use them again next time you apply lemon-honey-sugar wax.

Now that you have seen how to make hair-removal wax at home using sugar, lemon and honey, try it out. They are safer than the waxing kits that you buy from the market, and are also cheaper. They do not harm your skin in any way as they are made with natural ingredients. Apply the DIY wax on areas you want to get rid of unwanted hair and have smooth and silky skin that you will be very proud of.

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