How to Make Waxing Less Painful: 18 Excellent Tips & Tricks

Waxing can be quite painful and many people avoid this method because of the pain involved. But there are some tricks that can help you make it less painful, whether you go to the salon or do it at home. These tips can save you from all kinds of pains.

Less Painful Waxing

Start small:

When you are waxing your legs, start with your ankles. Similarly, if you are doing your arm, you can start with a small area on your arm, almost the size of a large watch. Pain free waxing is very easy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Putting the wax on your entire leg area before removing the wax can make it dry and become hard. It also does not help remove hair from its root.

Become more flexible:

If you are going to get the Brazilian waxing done, it is a good idea to make your whole body flexible. Yoga can help you in this. You can take yoga classes before Brazilian and this way you will just be more limber. The more flexible your body, the better it is for the waxer to wax your body. If the process is made fast, you will experience pain for a lesser time.

During a Brazilian Wax:

When you wax at home, use one hand to hold the skin taunt and the other hand to pull the wax strip, especially if you are dong Brazilian.

Using white eyeliner before waxing

It is not easy to do your eyebrows yourself. Here is a trick for you. Take eyeliner and mark the areas you wish to wax. This makes it easy to apply and remove the unwanted hairs. Once you have finished waxing, you can remove the excess wax using baby oil.

Numbing cream for waxing works well:

Usually numbing cream is used at the spa for serious jobs, like laser hair removal and so on. But it works well when waxing also. Put on the numbing cream on your skin 30 minutes before you wax. This makes the process less painful.

Take Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers:

You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever at least 30 minutes prior to waxing. This helps in reducing the pain to a great extent. You can take any pain reliever like Advil, ibuprofen, aspirin and so on.

Distract Yourself:

You can watch your favourite TV serial, listen to music, watch an interesting movie etc, when you wax at home. This helps in distracting you from waxing pain and you will also not focus on pain much either.

Exfoliating body scrubs give better results:

Exfoliating the areas where you apply wax helps in removing the dead skin that can trap some hairs. By exfoliating, these hairs come to the surface, and then you can remove them from the root when you pull out the wax.

Ensure your waxing hair length is right:

Your hair should be at least one-quarter of an inch long before you wax. If it is shorter, it becomes difficult to pull the hairs from the root. If it is longer, then you need to trim it. Otherwise it can be painful.

Home wax strips are best:

The at-home products you buy form the drugstore are not as perfect as the ones you get in the salon. You will not get a perfect full leg or Brazilian wax unless you visit the salon. But at-home wax strips are great for your face and good for small areas like the lip and the chin.

Keep a Soothing Lotion:

The night before your wax, remember to keep a lightweight soothing lotion in your fridge. Keeping this lotion in the fridge and applying it on your armpits after waxing makes your skin there soft and silky, and removes any irritation.

Have a Cold Compression Therapy:

If you have an extra sensitive skin, you can ask your aesthetician for a cold compress. It can be cold water immediately after a wax or a soothing rose water toner. For those who are waxing for the first time, this can help.

Stop shaving:

Shaving off the hair makes it grow even denser. Once you wax, you should continue waxing. After waxing, when your hair grows back, it will not be very dense. This means that waxing will be less painful. Your first wax will remove hairs long enough at that time. By the time you do your fourth wax, without shaving in between, all the hair will be growing in the same pattern. This way your skin will be super smooth and silky.

Use Cool wax:

When removing hair from the pubic area, a little cooler wax is always better. The wax that is warm on your hand may be a little hotter on that area. Applying hot wax on the area can even take some skin off and make it painful. So, you should be very cautious when waxing the pubic area.

Avoid treatment with fragrance or alcohol:

For 24 hours after wax, you should avoid any topical treatment with fragrance or alcohol. Products with fragrance often contain alcohol. This can make your skin become dry and even irritate your skin. It also makes your skin peel.

Read something interesting:

Waxing can make you tense and cause anxiety. If talking to your esthetician makes you even more anxious, take a magazine or your phone or to distract you.

Sitting upright isn’t good:

Do not sit completely upright during eyebrow wax at the salon. If you sit upright during your eyebrow wax, the wax may get on your eyelashes or in your eye. So, lie down or lean your head backwards when waxing your eyebrows.

Hours after waxing are important:

Body lotions that contain alpha hydroxyl acid can cause a burning and tingling sensation on your skin. Exposure to direct sunlight can also cause irritation on the skin. So, avoid wearing tight clothes, using scented lotions and direct exposure to sunlight for at least 24 hours after waxing.

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