Nose (Nostril) Hair Waxing: Is it OK to pull out Nasal Hairs?

Do you have nose hairs that are visible? You might feel very embarrassed about these peaking nose hairs. One easy way to get rid of these hairs is to wax. It helps in removing hairs from your nose. If you feel that nose waxing is an exotic and glamorous affair, then you should know about it before you decide.

Nose Hair Waxing

Waxing of nasal hair is almost the same as waxing your face hair, removing hair from your legs or under arms, or any other parts of your body. In this process, several thin wooden strips are coated or layered with wax. You can also dip these sticks in a wax tub. Now you have to place these strips inside both your nostrils. Let these strips stay there for about 20 to 30 seconds. Now yank off each of the strips very gently. This helps in making the hair removal process less painful. When you take these strips out form your nostrils, you will see clearly the hairs stuck on the wax coating.

Do you really need to go for waxing nose hairs?

Removing nose hair by means of waxing is a procedure that can cause you a degree of pain, especially when you are doing it for the first time. You can experience pain and discomfort even after you take all precautions. However, if a professional or a beautician does it for you, it can be less painful. If the entire process of nose hair removal is done with meticulousness, it won’t hurt you at all, especially if the waxer applies some azulene oil or aloe vera cream over the area.

The necessity of plucking out nose hairs depends entirely upon you. If you want to look more charismatic, you may do it. You can also do without it. Retaining the nose hairs is useful as it helps in preventing dirt and dust particles from entering the nasal membrane or trachea during respiration. So, the hair in your nose is like a barrier, removing grime and particulate matter. So, removing these hairs may make your respiratory system vulnerable to afflictions. You need not get very anxious about it as the strips go only to a certain extent in to the nostrils and not too deeply. This means that there will still be some hair deep inside your nostrils to ward off dust and dirt particles.

Side Effects of Nostril Waxing:

If you are planning to remove all the hairs from your nostrils, then it can cause some blood to trickle out and clot the nasal cavities. As a result, bacteria or virus that you inhale with each breath may form colonies and start multiplying. This can also enter the blood stream. As the veins and arterioles present on your face do not have defensive valves, the blood that circulates throughout your body may get infested with these bacteria and virus. This make you suffer from various diseases and disorders. So, if you are more conscious about your wellbeing and do not want to contact any diseases or illnesses, then it is a better idea not to remove nose hairs. This way you will protect yourself from the side effects of waxing nose hair.

How to Trim Your Nose Hair Safely?

The best way to ensure that you remove your nose hair safely is to go to a waxing professional or get it waxed in a salon that you know well. Professionals and reputed salons always advice you to get rid of only those hairs in your nose, that jut out from your nose. They never recommend that you wax too deep into your nostril. You can get rid of the hairs gently by poking a wooden applicator inside your nostrils. The applicator should be coated with a lump of wax that has been cooled to a moderate temperature. These wooden sticks or applicators are inserted only up to the nose ball and never beyond it. This way the ciliated layer is kept intact.

How to look good without waxing nose hairs?

It is essential that you keep your nose hairs intact.  These hairs form an important role in the immune system of the body. When there is hair in the nostrils, pollutants like dust, dirt, bacteria, toxins and particulate matter get stuck to these hairs, and do not enter the blood stream. The finer, microscopic hairs are seen lining deep inside the nostril like a ciliated layer. The coarser, bigger hairs are seen sticking out from the nose. Long hairs that stick out this way from the nose can be very embarrassing. This is a problem that is experienced by men more than the women.

Instead of waxing, you can prevent these hairs from sticking out by trimming these hairs with scissors, a trimmer or tweezers. For trimming with scissors, you can use those that have slightly roundish tips. Clipping hairs with trimmers can be done with manual or automatic trimmers.

When you select tweezers for the trimming process, try to choose ones that have aslant handles and tips. When you use tweezers to pluck hairs form nostrils, you have to make sure that you pluck the hairs in the direction of the growth of hairs and never the opposite direction. It can’t be denied that nose hairs are unsightly and you may want to remove them if you want to make your face look neat and presentable. However, it is advised that you try to avoid waxing as far as possible. This is because you are more at a risk of getting infested with bacteria and other germs by waxing your nostrils.

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