How to Remove Butt Hair: Tips for Shaving Your Ass

Hair helps in protecting your body from various infections and foreign particles. It is also good for maintaining the optimum temperature of your body. However, removing hairs from different parts of the body, including the butt, is now a common practice. It is also a safe process. There are many processes and products that claim that they can help in removing the butt hair. But only a few techniques are effective for removing the unwanted hairs. You can choose a right method depending on your time, budget and the effort you want to spend on the hair removal process. Many hair removal methods are temporary and you need to repeat the process monthly or yearly.

Remove Butt Hair

How to Get Rid Of Butt Hair in 4 Steps:

Shaving Butt Hair:

Take some shaving cream in your hands and apply it over the area on your butt that you want to remove hair. Shave the hair off with a razor. Shaving is considered as one of the most effective and common methods for removing butt hair. The result you get by shaving is temporary. Within a few days hair starts to grow back. This is because shaving moves hair only from the skin surface and not from the roots. You can use a mirror to help you get to the hard to reach areas.

Waxing your buttocks:

Using wax to remove your butt hair is also very common. Waxing is very effective and an efficient way to remove butt hair. You get waxing kits in the market. Buy one and use it at home. But it is best to go to a reputed salon and get the help of a professional aesthetician for this purpose. The professional aesthetician applies wax on the akin and then places a piece of cloth on top of the wax. After that the strip of cloth is pressed down for a few times, in the direction of hair growth. Then the wax strip is removed in a rapid motion in the direction opposite to the hair growth. In this method, the hair is removed from its roots and it grows back at a very slow rate compared to hair that is shaved off. Although waxing at the salon costs more than waxing at home, the waxing process is made less painful, quicker and much more effective than when you do it at home.

You can also go to the aesthetician during the initial stages and understand the technique, and then do it yourself. This makes it less complicated and easier for you.

Electrolysis on Buttocks:

Electrolysis is also a great way to remove butt hair. Electrolysis is a process in which an electric current is used for burning the hair at the root through a needle inserted into the hair follicle. Each hair is burnt individually and the procedure usually involves several treatments. It is better to go to a professional who is licensed as well as qualified to perform electrolysis. Electrolysis is an expensive method to remove unwanted hairs. It is also a tedious procedure and needs several sittings. But the result is more permanent than shaving or waxing.

Laser Treatment for Buttocks:

You can also go for laser treatment to remove butt hair. According to, laser treatment helps in getting rid of unwanted hair using an intense beam of light. In laser treatment, an intense beam of light penetrates the skin and damages the hair follicle, thereby preventing re-growth of the hair. You will need several treatments for getting the desired results. Future maintenance treatments are also essential in this procedure. Like electrolysis, laser hair treatment is also expensive. It also takes lots of time. But no hair will grow in future.

Other Ways to Shave Your Butt are:

Depilatories (Hair removal creams):

This is considered as one of the best and easiest ways to get rid of butt hair. You need not take the help of another person for this method. You can do it yourself. There are creams available in the market, which you can apply on the hairs directly. Now wait for a few minutes and the wipe off the cream and hair. The cream will breakout the follicles and makes it easy for the removal of hairs. All you have to do is to wipe the area. This method of hair removal is painless and helps in removing almost all the hairs. The hairs will grow back after a long time.


Sugaring is a method in which a sticky ball of sugar, lemon juice, water and binding agents are used to remove hair. The ball is applied on the area to be waxed and then it is pulled in the direction opposite to hair growth. This helps in removing the unwanted hairs. It is less irritating to the skin than waxing. It can also prevent ingrown hairs, and there is no risk of infection or burning.


You can use the clipping method also for removing butt hair. Use small scissors and clip the hairs short. It has no side effects and you can do it any time you wish to reduce the size of hairs. When you clip the hair, use a mirror to watch the surrounding areas.


In threading, strings are used to twist the hair in a specific pattern and to pull it put. You can do it yourself by placing a mirror to see the result. You may also do it with the help of a professional.


Plucking is a painful procedure, but it is of great use when you want to remove a few hairs from your butt. Use this method when you remove hair on a small area only, as this can cause problems like ingrown hairs.

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