Salon Waxing Vs Home Waxing: What’s the Difference?

Waxing provides you long lasting results and it is also fast and easy to do. Waxing is a process in which you remove unwanted hair by using wax. When you plan to do waxing, you have two choices; one is to go to a salon and get the waxing done, and the other is to wax yourself at home. Whatever method you choose, it is easy to get it done. Here we will see the difference between salon waxing and home waxing.

Salon Vs Home Waxing

Spa Waxing:

Beauty spas are created to pamper you as well as to take care of your every aesthetic need. This includes eradication of unwanted hairs as well. Spa is a luxurious place and provides a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Inside the spa you are treated as a royalty by a beautician who is professionally trained. Of course you have to pay for the service they provide. In the salon you need not worry about how waxing will be done. You can sit peacefully, knowing that the beautician, who is a professional and expert, will look after the waxing. After waxing, you feel satisfied to leave the spa with your newly waxed and smooth legs and hands. This boosts your confidence and you will feel that you are attractive. Now you can wear your new little black dress and flaunt your legs.

Home Waxing:

If you are budget conscious and do not wish to spend a large sum of money in the salon, then the best solution is to wax it at home. Veet can help you wax comfortably at home. This brand has a wide range of hair removal products. If you do not have lots of time in your hand, you can use Veet’s Wax Strips with Easy Grip. It is perfect to use in sensitive areas. You can have an excellent home waxing experience using Veet’s new Spawax Stripless wax warming kit. Here you need not use strips. All that you have to do is to heat the wax and apply it on your skin directly. You can choose wax that is scented, from that scented with purple lily and sugar fig or white orchid and vanilla. Using this makes you feel as if you have visited a spa. You will have smooth hair free skin for a long time.

Think about DIY Waxing:

When you visit the spa, the beauticians will prepare you for the wax. First they clean and disinfect the area that is to be waxed. When you are doing it at home, you can do it with soap and water. You may also use disinfectant wipes if you want to, although it is not necessary. Once your skin is dry, you can apply wax and remove small sections of hair at a time. If you are worried that it may be painful, then what you can do is to take a deep breath before you pull off the strip or hard wax from your skin. This is an age-old salon trick and it helps in distracting your mind from the pain because pressure can help in reducing pain. If you have ever been to a professional aesthetician, your beautician must have tried this trick during your waxing session.

Effective Waxing Tips:

When you wax to remove hair, your hair is directly pulled from its root. Beauticians know very well that if they remove the hair from above the skin, it can grow back quickly, making all the effort you have taken in vain. When you do waxing at home, it is important that you check your Veet strips or stripless wax to see that they contain hair follicle roots which is an indication that you have grabbed all your hair. Sometimes, when you wax for the first time, and pull out the strips, all the hairs will not be removed. Instead of re-waxing the same area over and over, what you can do is to pluck the few broken hairs remaining on your skin with the help of tweezers.

Waxing Aftercare to follow:

After you wax your body, t is always a little painful. But it will go off quickly. You must have seen your beautician apply a cream on your skin after waxing. So, when you do waxing at home, then also you have to remember applying a cream on your skin. You can apply a skin-soothing gel such as aloe vera on your skin. This soothes your skin and will help in keeping your skin moisturized.

Waxing legs for Special Occassion:

If you are planning for a vacation and want to do your own leg waxing, it is important that you practice it a few weeks prior to the waxing, so that you can see whether you are able to do it properly or not. If you do not practice and directly remove hair, you may mess it up and calling for a last minute professional help may not work for you. Your hair should have a length of at least ¼ inch for effective waxing. If not, broken hairs may remain on your skin after waxing. Under such conditions you will have to shave your skin instead of waxing.

If you are going to get the help of a professional, then book in advance. This will give you enough time in hand and you can choose a date of your preference. Also you will be able to get the help of better technicians. If you take the appointment in the last minute, you will have little time and the technician may also be not an expert.

By using the right ingredients and knowing the right way to do waxing, you can be your own skincare expert with time. Always remember not to rush the process of waxing. It should be done with patience and you have to take enough time for the process. You can light some scented candle and play your favourite music to relax yourself and enjoy what you are doing.

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