6 Simple Tips to Make Underarm Waxing Easy and Smooth

It is not only aesthetics the reason for keeping your underarms hair free. It is of course important, but keeping your underarms clean and hair-free also helps in keeping away body odour. So, if you experience body odour issue, make sure that you remove hair form your underarms and keep the area clean. There are different ways to remove hairs from this area, like shaving off the hair, using hair removing creams and lotions and so on. But these can leave your skin dark, bumpy and wrinkly. But when you do waxing, these problems are not experienced. Waxing helps in providing you smooth and clean underarms within a short time.

Waxing Underarms

Waxing is also good for getting rid of the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, thereby making your underarm area look smooth and soft. When you do waxing, it takes longer time for hair to grow back.

Many women are frightened about waxing their underarms because this area is very sensitive. This means that you feel more pain when you wax this area than any other part of your body. But by doing it in the right way, you will not suffer too much from the pain when you wax the area.

Underarm Waxing Tips:

Consider the Waxing Hair Length:

If the hair on your underarms is very short, then the wax will not get a good grip on it. This means that the hair will not come off neatly. But this does not mean that the hair should be too long. Waxing long hairs can be quite a painful experience. For waxing to be effective and remove hair properly and completely, hair should have an optimum length. It should be about ¼ inches long. If our underarm hair is longer than this, then you will have to trim the hair so that you get the required length. You should wax only after that.

Before waxing, Scrub your underarms:

You should scrub your underarm area before waxing. This is because it helps in exfoliating your skin. Proper exfoliation helps in clearing the dirt and impurities from the area and in unblocking the hair follicles. This makes it easier to remove hair. It also makes waxing less painful. So, always remember to exfoliate your underarm skin before you wax.

Dry Armpits:

Make sure that your underarm area is dry before you apply wax over there. This is because wax cannot stick well if the underarm area is wet. So, before you apply wax, clean the area with warm water and then pat dry the area. The heat helps in making your hair softer. This makes it easier to pull out hairs. You can also apply some talcum powder on your underarm area to soak any excess moisture that may be there.

Painkillers Before Waxing:

Waxing can be painful. Some feel the pain more than the others. If you want to reduce the pain during waxing, you can take some over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen. Take this medicine about half an hour before you do waxing. You may also apply some topical solutions like lidocaine. But you should remember that such medicines can lead to severe allergic reactions in some people.

Wax your underarms the right way:

When you wax your underarms, you have to make sure that:

  • You stretch the arm you are going to wax tightly, so that not even hairs that may be hidden in the folds of the skin are left without being removed. Lift up your arms high above your head. This will stretch the area well.
  • Apply the wax strip or thin layer of hot wax in the direction of hair growth. Then you have t pull it in the opposite direction. Make sure that you pull it quickly, without any hesitations.
  • Remember to wax small areas at a time.
  • All your hairs may not be removed from their roots from the first pull. One or two stray hairs may be present. You can leave them as they are. If you get bothered with it, then you can remove them with tweezers. Make sure that you do not apply more than two strips on the same area, as it can sting afterwards.

When you are planning to wax your underarms at home, you may not be able to do it on your own. So, it is better if you ask your friend to help you in applying the wax and removing hair.

Pay heed to waxing aftercare:

Once you have finished waxing your underarms, you can do the following:

  • Take an ice cube and rub it on the area. This helps in numbing the area and thus reducing the pain after waxing.
  • You may also apply a good quality moisturizer on the area waxed. You can apply aloe vera or anything like it.
  • After you wax, you should take care to avoid wearing tight clothes for a few days.
  • You can exfoliate your skin to prevent ingrown hair. Exfoliate with a mild scrub 24 hours after you have waxed.
  • You may also use an after shave lotion. This can protect your skin form any kind of infection or irritation.
  • For the first few days after waxing, remember not to apply any deodorants, anti-perspirants, talcum powder or perfumes on the area waxed.

So, try these tips and you will surely get the best results after waxing your underarms.

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