How to Wax Hands and Legs at Home Like a Pro

Waxing is done mostly by females, although men also go for waxing to remove unwanted hairs on their body. Waxing your legs and hands helps in removing unwanted hairs from your hands and legs and make them smooth, silky ad hairless for a long time. This way you can wear short dresses like miniskirts and bikinis and look gorgeous in them.

Waxing Hands and Legs

Waxing is a temporary way to remove hairs. The hairs are removed from an area of the body by applying hot or cold wax. Hairs may grow back within a week or take about 8 weeks to grow, depending on your age, body type and so on. You can wax various parts of your body. Some even wax their eyebrows.

The only parts of the body that you cannot wax are the eyelashes and the eyelids. This is because the skin on these areas is very delicate and sensitive. Waxing here can cause permanent damage to the skin. Before you learn how to wax, you have to understand different types of wax that are available, and which will be more comfortable for using at home.

Types of Waxing:

There are mainly 2 kinds of waxing procedures to remove unwanted hairs. They are strip waxing and strip less waxing or hot waxing.

Strip waxing:

As you can see from the name itself, strip waxing is done by using a paper strip or cloth. First you have to spread a thin layer of wax on the area where you want to remove hair. Now put a cloth or strop over the wax and press it firmly on the skin. Now pull it in a rapid motion so that the hair is ripped from your skin. This way, the hairs on your skin get removed along with the wax that you have applied on your skin.

Strip less or hot waxing:

This type of waxing is done using hard wax. You have to apply hard wax on your skin. Here you need not put a cloth or strip of paper over the wax you have applied. The wax is now allowed to cool and then it is removed using cotton pads or cotton balls soaked in water. This type of waxing is best for people who have very sensitive skin and are more prone to allergies and rashes.

Tips for Waxing Hands and Legs:

Waxing kits:

Buy wax or wax kit that suits your skin type. This is very important when you do waxing at home. People with sensitive skin have to be even more careful and make sure that they buy the right product. This is because if they choose the wrong product, it can lead to severe allergic conditions of the skin.

Thorough cleaning:

Before you start to wax your arms and legs at home, you have to wash them well using a medicated soap and water. This way you will be able to remove dust and grime from your skin and prepare your skin for waxing.

Time consuming:

Waxing is a process that takes lots of time. You should take care to do waxing in a relaxed state of mind. When the time is short, you should never attempt waxing. This is because of you are in a rush to wax your arms and legs, you will do it in such a hurry that you will not get the results that you wished.

Heating wax:

Make sure that you heat wax only to a minimum of 30seconds and not more that. The consistency of the wax is also very important. It should be a little thicker than the sugar syrup.

Mentally prepared:

You have to be mentally prepared for the waxing session. This is because a considerable amount of pain is to be suffered when you do waxing. So, you need mental grit and determination to endure this pain. This you can achieve by preparing yourself mentally for the waxing session.

First aid kit:

Before you start your waxing session at home yourself, you have to keep a first aid kit by your side. This should contain various items like cotton, plasters, mild pain killers and so on.

Talcum powder:

Put on a coat of talcum powder on your skin before you wax. This makes it easy to remove the cotton cloth or wax strip. By applying the talcum powder on the area to be waxed, the hairs will stick easily to the pads or the cloth and will not hurt the skin underneath.

Spread wax evenly:

The wax you prepare should be applied properly on the skin with the help of a wooden stick or spatula. Spread it evenly on your skin. When you apply the wax on your skin, make sure that no lumps are formed. It is also important that no air bubbles are formed when you apply wax. Remember not to apply thick coats of wax. If you apply thick coat of wax, removing it can be a difficult job.


Sticking the cloth or strip on the skin that you have applied wax should be done with utmost care. Put the cloth or strip on the wax and press it firmly in the direction of hair growth. If you do not press the cloth or strip firmly, it may not pull the hairs properly and the hairs may not go off as you have expected.

Tips to be followed before waxing:

  • Make sure that there is significant growth of hair on an area before you wax. If you wax areas where there are little or no hairs, you can rip off your skin. This can lead to wounds and injuries.
  • Do not apply any lotions, deodorants or anti-perspirants on the skin before you wax. This can lead to allergies.
  • If you are taking any medicines for any kind of illness, you should do a patch test before you wax.
  • Avoid sun bathing and going to the beach for at least 48 hours after you wax. Once you have started waxing to remove hairs, you should discontinue shaving.

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